Japan (Japanesefaces) Born in Omaha Nebraska. Raised in a family full of "Art" it was no surprise Makeup would turn into an overnight success and job for japan “To enhance someone's beauty is what excites me the most,” Japan says, followed by saying, "I've learned the softer you are with the brush, the brighter and bolder the outcome and color." Japan effortlessly reminds himself with every face he paints and every brow he creates, the knowledge of being a MUA (makeup artist) is one thing, but being original is what he knows will lead him to greater success. Working with his God given talents has propelled him to his current point with plenty more roads yet traveled. The key to Japan's work is "Signature Perfection”. Japan is a firm believer That as an artist we are all considered special and If every artist believed that it would be a wonderful thing. "The art of makeup is a precise yet skillful talent, and you will learn new things each time you do it. It only gets better." -Japan